Permanent Hair Reduction

Using QPL and IPL

We use the latest Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and Quick Pulsed Light (QPL) technology to perform hair reduction on all areas of the body. After your consultation you will be advised on the type of treatment necessary, the system which will be used and how it will be used to effectively destroy hair follicles for maximum results.

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Treatment Summary

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from 30min
No downtime
Permanent Results


EpiSoft IPL removes hair from all skin types and hair colours except white hair, which has no pigmentation to absorb the light. IPL treatments are safe, effective, virtually painless, approved by the FDA and offer clinically proven results. Even thick, dark hair responds well to treatment.


To complete a course of treatment can take over a year although results can be noticed long before this. Please call for a complimentary consultation, including a patch test, with one of our friendly, professional and highly qualified therapists. Having performed hair removal for the last 12 years, our results have shown we are the only clinic in the UK to show after completion of the course of treatments there has been no re growth within this period


How Does IPL/QPL Hair Reduction Work?


IPL is Intense Pulsed Light. Natural Light created in the flash travels down the hair through melanin fibres to the follicle where it heats up causing the follicle to shrivel. This processes happens instantly and is focused so the follicle absorbs most of all the heat leaving surrounding tissue unaffected. Most people feel a small flick on their skin as the pulses flash, it is not painful and does not burn the skin.


IPL will work better on darker hairs. This is because darker colours absorb more light hence and so there is more chance of light traveling to the root of a dark hair in order to attack the follicle. Conversely, lighter colours absorb less light reflecting most light away, this makes it extremely difficult to treat white hair.


The purpose of IPL is to transfer light down the hair stem and into the follicle without affecting the surrounding tissue. Coarse hair is thicker and can absorb more light. Fine hair is difficult to target and absorbs less light energy. Coarse Dark hair will work well with IPL absorbing most of all light into the follicles. Fine White hair will barely work at all.


One more thing to consider is skin colour. Because dark colours absorb light well dark skin will absorb light too, heating up. Conversely light skin will reflect light away, staying cool. Our therapist will use a lower light energy setting on darker skin types and higher light energy setting on lower skin types. Most clinics do not treat skin type 6 (dark brown or black skin), we do. Our therapists are fully qualified, well experienced and trained to high standards to decide the correct energy setting tailored to every individual in order to achieve the maximum effectiveness without over heating the skin. This is the true skill of an IPL therapist and at nlclinic we are proud to have therapist who understand this.


During a consultation our therapist will explain all of this in more detail in relation to the type of hair growth you wish for us to target.

Results you can see!


Scroll to see the results before and after treatment at nlclinic. All images are taken at nlclinic on geniune clients. Treatment may vary, but the results are the same. You can see for yourself treatment really works.


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All treatments at nlclinic are tailored to individual clients. There are several possibilities for treatment and with the help of our experience Aestheticians we can provide the solution which is bespoke to you.

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