Mesotherapy Technique


Mesotherapy is treatment by injecting Proteins, Metabolites and others to improve various undesirable full body conditions such as ageing, fatty tissue, eye bags, cellulite etc.


before mesotherapy on love handlesafter mesotherapy on love handles

We use an insulin syringe and make small, very superficial papules over the area to be treated. We disinfect and check that there are no haematomas. Treatment is normally complemented with other localised areas or anti-cellulite treatment. Therefore, we make use of the same session to carry out the Mesotherapy in both areas. Consequently, the treatment will be applied once a week.


Non Surgical Facelift with Mesotherapy


Ageing can be seen as fine lines, wrinkles, skin folds and changes to the pigmentation (dyschomias). These symptoms are produced by aging, solar rays (photoageing), and gravity. The damage to the dermis destroys the connective tissue which acts as a support to the skin. The damage affects muscular action in facial expression and the loss of support tissue.


Consequently, in order to achieve a best possible skin rejuvenation we need to provide a treatment which effectively acts on all different layers of skin.


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Mesotherapy Injections

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  • from 30min
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  • 3 day swelling
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